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Casino Dealers

School of Colorado


To provide expert dealer training for those individuals who are on the path to a high paying job or career as a Professional Casino Dealer!

Our Promise:

Founded in 1991, Casino Dealers School of Colorado has been Colorado's premier training facility for tablegames dealers during the last 20 years.  CDS began training students when Colorado began limited gaming in the Fall of 1991.  Early on, tablegames were restricted to blackjack and poker.  CDS was located on Alameda and Zuni St. and begin training from that facility for several years.  Early in 2003, CDS moved to a new location at Mississippi and Wadsworth.  We then built a full service bar and begin training bartending students as well as Casino Dealers.  So it followed to rename CDS to ABCD and we became American Bartenders and Casino Dealers School.  January 2008,  Colorado enacted a smoking ban in all public buildings including Casinos.  Patrons dropped to a new low and the gambling industry suffered, forcing ABCD to shut down operations pending the outcome of increased limits and additional games which at the time was still a dream.  By November 2008, Colorado Casinos had managed to get higher limits,  and the addition of Craps and Roulette on the ballot.  The measure passed by a large majority and gaming in Colorado began taking on new life.  Target date for the measure to take effect was scheduled for July of 2009.  January 2009 CDS reopened at 2834 W. 44th Ave. in Denver with a new array of classes and programs.  Bartending was dropped (not really our bag) and two new classes were developed by CDS and approved by the Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools.  Casino Dealers School of Colorado was reborn with a curriculum which included Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker.

The owners of Casino Dealers School have created many innovative and unique concepts to assist the student in receiving the traing necessary to pass the audition and secure employment in the Casino Industry.  Our facility is designed to recreate an actual casino environment, making for a fun and energy charged atmosphere in which to learn.  All training equipment used is similar to that used in casinos throughout the world.

CDS works closely with all Colorado Casinos in order to assist the student with Job Placement.  Our experienced staff, with a combined 80 years + in the casino business, has held, or is currently holding, management jobs in Colorado's Casinos.  We promise to the student to make their experience a comfortable and pleasant one.  Further we promise a thorough training in whatever dealing skill, or skills, that the student choses while providing lifetime practice privledges for all of our graduates!